Nous sommes Plumo

At Plumo Mallorca we want to raise a toast to the city of Palma, a space where cycling, cafes, healthy food and community between friends meet. To enjoy life’s moments together in a place that gives a new lease of life to the bikes of the pro peloton we have seen emblematic riders and teams riding in the most famous races since the 2000s.

Chapter 1 - The beginning

The idea of Plumo started in the warm and weird summer of 2020, building bicycles and drinking coffee all day long in a very tiny flat in the heart of Palma.

We were having fun but dreaming of more space and better coffee, so we decided look around the city to see where we could imagine ourselves. On exactly the 22nd of September we stumbled across this amazing local in Plaza Quadrado.

The rest as they say is history (or paperwork, long hours of painting) and lots of passion.

We hope you’ll like the place, the bikes and the coffee.

Looking forward to see you all.

Starting our workshop in Theo's flat Palma, Mallorca
Time RXR ULTEAM bikebuild timelapse

Vélo du Peloton